Oh Joyous Day! Celebrate Lindsay Lohan and Sam Ronson's 4 Month…

While you're celebrating another Friday with Irish car bombs, smokes, and An Actor's Guide to Manorexia (or tequila, for those of you who aren't Colin Farrell), perhaps you don't realize we all have a much bigger reason to celebrate today – it's Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson's four month anniversary! As with all… » 7/11/08 9:25pm 7/11/08 9:25pm

Alba, McConaughey Offspring Already Slumming It With OK!

Ah, the three trimesters of Hollywood child birth: 1. pretend to love pregnancy, 2. schedule a c-section in order to sidestep any labor or stretching of siren vag, and 3. whore out your newborn's picture to the highest bidder. It's such a magical time! And while there are critics, it's a natural response to choose to… » 7/11/08 7:00pm 7/11/08 7:00pm

Reality TV Takes Turn For Worse, Goes To Dogs

This is the true story of twelve competitors, picked to live a house, compete in elimination challenges and have their lives taped, to find out what happens, when dogs stop being polite and start getting real. Yes, canines are the newest craze in reality television, and frankly, it's about time. Who wants to watch… » 7/11/08 4:50pm 7/11/08 4:50pm

Newsroom Cafe Update: Real Life Ratatouille Not Nearly As Popular As…

While health inspectors may have fallen head over heels in love with Pixar's restaurant impresario "Little Chef", it seems they can't stomach a vermin infestation at mold-friendly Newsroom Cafe. The eatery, favored by pseudo vegetarian starlets, went from achieving average status to full-blown suspension in a shake of… » 7/11/08 2:15pm 7/11/08 2:15pm

Original '90210' Alumni Report: Checking In With Kelly, David and Nat

There hasn't been a show as hotly anticipated as the 90210 revamp since last year's Knight Rider. (You heard me.) And as we wait with bated breath wondering about the casting fate of teen counseling sensation and all around Losing My Religion-loving Brenda, let's catch up with some former cast members to see how life… » 7/10/08 8:35pm 7/10/08 8:35pm

Lloyd Dobler Grows Some Litigious Balls

John Cusack is suing Intermedia Film Equities USA for breach of contract in the amount of $5.6 million, after production was canceled on his upcoming film Stopping Power. Originally scheduled to shoot in Germany, Cusack signed on to star after Intermedia guaranteed him a "pay or play" fixed compensation of $4.5… » 7/10/08 7:55pm 7/10/08 7:55pm

Same-Sex Mambo Newest Celebrity Cause DuJour

With legalized same-sex unions already labeled passé, Hollywood discovered its newest cause designed specifically to piss off Arkansas: live, televised, boy-on-boy fox-trotting mayhem. This fall, Lance Bass is reportedly set to join the cast of Dancing With The Stars and partner with a male dancer and cha-cha his way… » 7/10/08 7:30pm 7/10/08 7:30pm

Hollywood Hookers, Prepare to be Replaced

When you're a hooker, what does a salacious affair with a married, holier-than-thou governor whose last name makes unoriginal bloggers giddy with glee get you? Prison? A hefty fine? A case of the poon-scratchies? If you're a regular lady of the night, all of those outcomes are possible. But when you're Ashley Dupre,… » 7/10/08 4:25pm 7/10/08 4:25pm

Still Pregnant Angelina Jolie Demands Salmon, Refuses To Shower; Twins…

It seems that Nice's favorite "very, very nice" patient and her well-appointed womb has taken a turn toward Grumpyville. Nearing the end of her seemingly endless gestation period, Angelina Jolie has grown tired of her hospital/hotel and its Michelin Star-less menu and has started demanding that salmon be brought in… » 7/10/08 2:25pm 7/10/08 2:25pm